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About BPUE: Black Pastors United for Education

Our Mission

Black Pastors United for Education is a network of like-minded pastors and congregations that strategically partner to educate under-resourced children in non-traditional learning spaces, as well as advocate to acquire the necessary resources and partnerships that uplift impoverished communities.

As a non religious, bi-partisan, entity our endeavor is to curate a community that is full of passionate love warriors that will creatively work together to establish learning communities, for the uplift of our world.

As Black Pastors, we consider ourselves, “The Trustees of our Children’s Future.” As such, we shoulder together the work of speaking truth to the powers that be (education, political, government, civic, etc.) and providing educational options that best suit the unique needs and desires of parents and communities.

The Black Pastors United for Education model for establishing learning centers is a simple model that is safe, successful, scalable, sustainable, and strategic. At each Learning Center we offer small-group hybrid learning environments for students 8-13 years old.

Students are matched to a pod of 8-10 learners that are supported by dedicated learning guides. We also offer engaging enrichment programs and student – centered projects.

Our Vision

Our vision is to collaborate, inspire, and empower passionate love warriors who will creatively work together to establish learning communities to uplift our world.

Our Values

Empowering Futures, One Child at a Time

At the heart of our network lies our core belief in the transformative power of education. Our mission statement serves as a guiding light, propelling us forward as we work to create non-traditional learning spaces for students ages 8 – 13 years old that go beyond textbooks and classrooms. We are committed to providing an alternative education solution that breaks down barriers, ensuring that every child has the quality education they deserve regardless of background or circumstance.

A Collective Commitment to Equality in Education

As we envision a future where potential knows no boundaries, we recognize the inherent power of unity. United under the banner of BPUE, our network stands as advocates for change, driving the movement toward equality among equals in education. Through collaboration and effort, we aim to level the playing field, ensuring every student receives the education they need to thrive.

Your Partner in Shaping Futures

To parents seeking alternative educational options, we extend an invitation to join hands with the Black Pastors United for Education.

By aligning with our mission, you become part of a movement that empowers children to rise above challenges, equips them to lead with integrity, and inspires them to transform their world.

Key Features that Define BPUE

  • Pastoral Partnership: Black Pastors United for Education is a network built on collaboration among pastors who share a common goal. We pool our resources, knowledge, and passion to create an educational experience beyond the ordinary.
  • Ethical Education: Our commitment to producing morally and ethically conscious students is integral to our services. Education is not just about academics; it’s about nurturing character and integrity.
  • Empowerment Beyond the Classroom: We are not confined to the four walls of a classroom. Our non-traditional learning centers provide students with holistic growth opportunities that prepare them for a future of leadership and influence.
  • Breaking Barriers: We recognize that barriers to education are barriers to progress. BPUE stands as a beacon of change, tirelessly working to dismantle obstacles that hinder educational equality.
  • Uniting Communities: Our network extends beyond education. We aim to build strong, connected communities that rally behind the potential of our students and the future they represent.

Support Black Pastors United for Education

Join Black Pastors United for Education (BPUE) in our pursuit to transform lives, families, and entire communities with our alternative non-traditional learning centers throughout the Greater Harrisburg Area. 

Together, we are creating a legacy of positive change that will resonate for generations. With BPUE, a brighter future is not just a dream – a promise we are committed to fulfilling.

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