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Donate To Help BPUE Ignite Change for Underserved Students

Empowering Futures Through Education

Black Pastors United for Education (BPUE) aims to provide quality alternative education to underserved students in the Greater Harrisburg area that meets their unique needs.

Join us in our Kingdom Strategic Partners project and become one of our monthly donors.

You can change the trajectory of the life of a student, their family, and their community by donating to help us establish more educational learning centers for underserved youth in and around Harrisburg, PA.

Kingdom Strategic Partners Project: Our Story

What We Offer At Our Non-Traditional Learning Spaces

Become a catalyst for lasting change through our Monthly Donor Program, the Kingdom Strategic Partners Project.

Our Kingdom Strategic Partners Project aims to secure 100 monthly donors who share our vision for education transformation.

Your commitment as a monthly donor enables a student to attend one of our Learning Centers–where they are safe, learning in their unique way, and engaging in enriching self led programs.

Did you know it takes $6682 to fund one year of education for a child? When you donate:

$37 per month: You can send a child to a learning center for one day each month, nurturing their love for learning.

$74 per month: You will double your impact by sending a child to a learning center for two days each month.

$184 per month: You will empower a child with a week of education every month, making a significant difference.

$740 per month: You will transform lives by sending a child to a learning center for an entire month, shaping a future full of promise.

How You Can Help Other Underserved Students Succeed

Whether you attend a BPUE learning center or are a member of the community, you can help other.

Your generous donations directly translate into tangible change.

With your donation to BPUE, you’re supporting the opening of learning centers that provide alternative education programs to disadvantaged youth in Harrisburg, PA.

Without your generous support, we would not be able to expand our mission with new learning centers to provide alternative educational programs that meet the needs of underserved youth in Harrisburg, PA and surrounding communities.

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