Black Pastors United for Education

The YASS Prize Semifinalist Plaque:

Transforming Education for Underserved Youth

Black Pastors United for Education is a network of like-minded pastors and congregations that strategically partner to educate under-resourced children in non-traditional learning spaces, as well as advocate to acquire the necessary resources and partnerships that uplift impoverished communities. 

Learn more about BPUE and our mission to help under-resourced students in Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding community. About BPUE →

Empowering Learning Centers for Underserved Youth Near Harrisburg, PA

Our learning centers located in Harrisburg, PA offer small-group hybrid learning environments for students aged 8-13. Each student is paired with a dedicated learning guide within a pod of 8-10 learners. This personalized approach ensures optimal support and growth. Our centers also provide enriching programs and student-centered projects.

Start a Learning Center: Create Lasting Change

Empower your community by starting a BPUE learning center. Our proven model allows you to create a safe haven for education, nurturing young minds and fostering growth. Be the change-maker your community needs.

Enroll Your Student: Unlock Potential

Enroll your child in a BPUE learning center and provide them with an exceptional education. Our small-group setting and dedicated learning guides ensure a nurturing environment where your child can thrive.

Donate: Shape Futures

You can make a lasting impact on underserved students. Reshape education, empower children, and create a brighter future with a donation to BPUE.

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Watch a Video Testimonial:

Stories of Impact

Experience the power of our learning centers through the voices of those whose lives have been transformed. Watch our video testimonials and witness the difference we’re making.

Join the Movement: Help BPUE

Join Black Pastors United for Education and participate in a movement-changing education for underserved students in Harrisburg, PA. Empower young minds, reshape communities, and create a legacy of positive transformation.

Learn more about our mission and how you can get involved. Start a learning center, enroll your students, donate, and watch testimonials. Together, let’s redefine education and empower futures.

Black Pastors United for Education are reimagining how to positively impact the lives of their students, showcasing innovative approaches and unwavering commitment in their educational journey.

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